Greener Garden

Reconnect with the Earth

Gardening is great, but gardening with Kangen Water® is better! Just like your body needs Kangen Water® for ultimate hydration, your plants need this remarkable water for nourishment, hydration, and revitalization. Kangen Water® stimulates germination and improves seedling development, leaving your plants in peak condition without the use of harmful chemicals.


Composting is easy, natural, environmentally responsible, and it actually has a pleasant earth aroma when aerated properly.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening “grows a community!” Children who garden show heightened self-understanding, maturity, responsibility, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work well as a member of a team.

Gardening with Kangen Water®

Gardening with Enagic® Water is a great way to keep your plants and flowers healthy, enlivened, and lush.

Benefits of Gardening

Health professionals have long studied the benefits of gardening on your nutritional health, budget, overall wellness, and building of the community