Gardening with Kids

Children who Garden are Healthier

In today’s world, children are more inclined to connect with technology than with nature. It’s more important than ever to get your kids outside and in the dirt. The benefits of outside play have been proven and should be encouraged. Children who spend time outdoors are physically healthier as a result of the aerobic exercise and motor skills used to run, jump and play. Also, the vitamin D from the exposure to sunlight helps to strengthen bones. Not only are kids who play outside physically healthier, they are happier also! Being outdoors stimulates our pineal gland, improving our moods and making us happy. The pineal gland also aids in building the immune system.

Gardening is a great way to introduce kids to a constructive and productive connection with the great outdoors. It gives your child the ability to be a part of something and help plan and make decisions that will be beneficial later in life. Gardening teaches cause and effect and gives a child the ability to see an outcome to their efforts. Plus, by encouraging your children to be a part of the family garden, they will be more inclined to eat the fruits of their labor. This will ultimately lead to a healthier child who has a better understanding of where their food originates and a child more willing to try new foods.

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