About Enagic

“Since its founding in 1974, Enagic has been recognized as a premier, specialized manufacturer of high-quality water ionizer generating systems.

The human body is comprised of 70% water. It is no exaggeration to say that “the basis of vitality and long life is water.” Enagic offers safe water that can be used with confidence to benefit health, beauty, cleaning, and cuisine.

Enagic is an integrated development, manufacturing, sales, and service company of alkaline ionizer technology.

As the evolution of information technology continues, we have entered the age of “human technology marketing.” Market vitality now depends upon a merging of high technology and the personal relationship between human beings. Enagic is teaming up with an international network of offices and numerous distributors around the world to spread the word “water and health” while building a global company with worldwide operations.”


CEO Enagic International, Inc.

What Makes Enagic Different?

For over four decades, Enagic International has been the leader in manufacturing water ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. This Japan-based company internationally distributes hundreds of thousands of Kangen Water machines to homes all over the globe.

Made in Japan

Our machines are individually assembled by artisans and then inspected, tested, and certified by highly-trained QC engineers.

Get fast and efficient support from our experienced technicians and international service centers when needed. Always ask your water-ionization system provider for the kind of support service and warranty you will get from them.

Global Offices

Corporate Philosophy & The True Health Principles

We all desire the same things in life. At the end of the day, we wish to be healthy, wealthy, and happy.

Enagic’s corporate philosophy is based on these 3 true health principles:

  1. Realizing true physical health through pure and healthy drinking water.
  2. Realizing true physical wealth through a wealth developing business opportunity.
  3. Realizing true mental / metaphysical health through personal growth and finding contentment in all aspects of life.

Enagic’s purpose is to spread these truths through healthy drinking water, an exciting business and personal growth.

This unique business opportunity encompasses: Body, Mind, and Finances – the keys to a holistic, healthy, and joyful life!

Thousands of people worldwide had experienced the wellness that this revolutionary product brings. Hospitals in Japan have used and trusted this exact product for years.

Enagic’s Kangen Water systems enhance nature’s most vital life-source using the latest scientific research and technology, merged with superior Japanese craftsmanship

Enagic International is the only water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distribution company in the world with its own OEM manufacturing facility in Japan and ISO certified quality control processes. All employees must master high-level technological knowledge and proficiency throughout the entire process, including development, production, supply, and service.

Global Events & Meetings

Connect and learn from Enagic Independent Distributor leaders at Enagic events in Europe and around the world.

Additionally, there are lots of localized opportunities to engage with Enagic® team members. Look for your nearest distributor sponsored event to get support and training from others that share the True Health spirit.

Company Culture, Personal Growth, & Business Opportunity

The Enagic Corporation believes in empowering people through the direct-sales marketing system. Our independent and passionate distributors love to speak about the benefits of Kangen Water® to other as they build their own personal wealth.

Ours is a family that supports one another to achieve universal success. Our business opportunity has been sometimes referred to as “personal growth with a compensation plan”, because we want our team to grow financially and as individuals.

As a result of this philosophy, our global distributors are able to achieve financial freedom and realize their dreams while promoting a product they believe in and truly love.

Enagic® is environmentally responsible

Without protecting the environment, a healthy, comfortable life for people cannot be achieved. It is thus crucial to be aware of the environment and to contribute to its preservation. For this reason, the Enagic Group has adopted a management philosophy, “True Health to the World”, under which we provide products that contribute to “people’s health” and “Improvement of global environment”. As a member of civil society, we continuously work on “compliance” and “improvement in quality”, considering the needs of the environment and safety for the next generation.

Guidelines for Environment and Safety Action, are as follows:

  1. We work to secure materials with a low environmental load.
  2. We work to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.
  3. We work to conserve natural resources and achieve energy-saving efficiency in order to prevent global warming.
  4. All of us — each employee and the management — observe the international laws, regulations and standards with regard to the environment and safety.
  5. By giving thorough trainings to our employees, we raise their awareness of environmental and safety issues, whereby environmental and work-related accidents can be prevented.
  6. We seek continuous improvement, setting environmental goals and objectives, upon which regular reports are delivered.


Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.