Greener Beauty

Go Green and Be Beautiful!

We’ve trusted the beauty industry and they’ve failed us. Now it’s time to become as responsible with what we put on our bodies as we are with what we put in our bodies. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and requires the same nutrients as the rest of the human body in order to stay healthy. However, switching to environmentally-responsible and chemical-free beauty products shouldn’t be a sacrifice of quality. Enagic®’s Beauty Water can unlock a world of clean, green, affordable products that really work! Explore recipes and tips for creating your own organic elixirs and natural solutions and discover how the machine that keeps you healthy and hydrated can also organically clean up your beauty routine!

Hair Care with Kangen Water®

We all want beautiful, shiny, healthy hair and will do just about anything to achieve that goal.

The Cost of Smelling Like a Celeb

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and EWG found that there are 38 “secret chemicals” in your favourite fragrances!

A New Approach to Skin Care

Spending too much money on expensive cleansers, lotions, and other skin care products?

Be Green, Be Ravishing!

The same machine that keeps you healthy and hydrated can help keep you beautiful and clean on the outside too.


Enagic Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer Recipe

A hand sanitiser made from just water and a few drops of essential oil.

Enagic All-Natural Shampoo

A no-nonsense, no chemical natural shampoo.