Be Green, Be Ravishing!

Clean Green Beauty

Now that you’ve transformed your home into a tranquil and green space, let’s take a look at how you can extend green-living to your personal care with Enagic® Beauty Water. Beauty Water is a gentle astringent that supports the proper pH level for our acidic skin. Tap water contains harsh chlorine which strips the skin of natural oils essential for hydration. With Beauty Water you can wash, rinse, and tone your entire body, leaving your skin and hair healthy and hydrated. But, not only is this amazing water transformative when used directly, you can also use it as an ingredient when making your own beauty products! Whether you’re looking to make organic hair care products or hand sanitizer, the powerful Enagic® machines will generate the waters you need to keep your skin and your environment clean, green, and radiant. Transform your skin, hair, and beauty care products with Beauty Water today!