Hair Care with Kangen Water®

We all want beautiful, shiny, healthy hair and will do just about anything to achieve that goal. However, most of the miracle products we reach for are full of harmful toxins and chemicals designed to give the illusion of healthy hair. Since we know we are absorbing chemicals through our skin, we need to consider healthier, more natural alternatives when washing and conditioning our hair.

Sometimes the toxins aren’t even listed as an ingredient on the label. The carcinogen 1,4-dioxane ends up in our products as a result of a chemical process called ethoxylation, where ethylene oxide, a breast carcinogen, is added to other chemicals to lessen their harshness. Even the most diligent label-reader would not find this known carcinogen on their product due to the fact that the FDA does not require it to be listed as an ingredient. And remember, the chemicals and additives in shampoos and soaps don’t just affect you; they are also harmful to the environment when they are rinsed down the drain.


Nowadays, educated consumers are choosing organic products. But these products definitely come with a higher price tag. However, although most people want to choose better alternatives, they simply do not have the money for the investment in a green overhaul. Sometimes the product is deceptively organic. In order to meet federal requirements, producers who wish to sell products labeled “made with organic ingredients” need to only contain 70% organic ingredients. It’s important to read the labels on “organic” products just as closely!

You are not stuck with chemical-filled shampoos and conditioners. You can have beautiful, healthy, hydrated hair with Enagic® Beauty Water.

Beauty Water® is healthy for your skin and scalp, and can be used to make a chemical- free, all-natural shampoo out of common ingredients already found in your home. Wash and rinse your hair everyday without worrying about the chemical effects on your skin, hair, and the environment.

You can also make your own natural Beauty Water® Conditioner. With just three ingredients (Beauty Water, egg yolks, and almond oil), you’ll love how clean, moisturized, and beautiful your hair will feel after the first conditioning.