Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is definitely an earth- friendly activity that’s good for your health by providing exercise and helping you to connect with Nature. It can also be a hobby that has a very low impact on the earth. The sustainability of gardening cannot be overstated. When producing our own herbs and vegetables, we help to lessen the needless waste of resources utilized in the transportation of food. Plus, when we grow our own food we are more inclined to eat the fruits of our labor. This increases our overall consumption of healthy foods and greatly impacts our health and well-being.

Different Plants, Different Waters

Plants thrive in different soil pH levels, and some soils are already more prone to be alkaline or acidic. The Enagic® machine can produce a water with the exact pH level that your plants need to thrive. You should first test your soil to see where it falls on the pH scale, and then determine the optimal pH level for each of your plants. Now you can determine if you should water your garden with Neutral Water, slightly alkaline Kangen Water®, or slightly acidic Beauty Water®.

You’ll notice an astounding difference in your garden after nurturing your plants with the appropriate Enagic® water!