Clean Produce

Even the most accomplished Kangen Gardener has to purchase fruits and veggies to supplement the growing season. Local produce is the second best option to growing your own food. Buying local ensures that you are sampling the best selection of seasonally available produce. Seasonal produce is healthier and fresher, with the added advantage of saving you money since it doesn’t have to travel as far as out-of-season goods. Purchasing a share in a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) is an awesome way to discover exactly what’s in season and support your local farmers.

However, there are times when a recipe calls for something that can’t be found locally. Always make sure to purchase certified organic produce to reduce your exposure to pesticides and GMO’s. Most grocery stores now carry a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables making it easier than ever to eat cleaner, fresher food. Remember, once you bring home your produce, wash it with Kangen Water®.