Better Drinks

Drink Green, Drink Healthy

Staying hydrated with alkaline Kangen Water® is an important step toward physical health, but a healthy diet is also paramount in overall wellness. Healthy eating supports a healthy body.

Here’s a ranking of the most consumed beverages in the U.S.1:

  1. Carbonated Soft Drinks (almost twice as much as any other beverage)
  2. Bottled Water
  3. Coffee
  4. Milk
  5. Beer

Aside from what some of these beverages can do to your overall health, they are also harmful to our environment. Here are a few quick facts about how the environmental affects these popular drinks:

  • Over 75% of all plastic bottles (including soda and water bottles) are littered or end up in the landfill2.
  • Plastic bottles take 500 years to biodegrade2.
  • The carbon footprint of PET plastic (found in plastic bottles) is about 13 pounds of CO2 per 1 pound of plastic2.
  • Although they are made of paper, disposable coffee cups are NOT recyclable, as they contain a plastic outer coating to keep them leak-proof.
  • US coffee drinkers use about 40 billion paper and 25 billion plastic cups a year3. Put end-to-end, this chain of wasteful coffee cups could wrap around the Earth 55 times.

Kangen Water® can hydrate your body with clean, healthy water, and it does not require wasteful packaging. Simply fill up a BPA-free reusable Enagic® water bottle with Kangen Water® before you leave the house, and you can enjoy healthy, green hydration all day.

Fight the urge to fill your body with unhealthy beverages! Be smart; hydrate with the delicious and fresh Kangen Water® for better health and a greener life.

Making the Switch

Sometimes it’s not so easy to replace unhealthy drinks with Kangen Water®, especially if you have developed an addiction to sugar or caffeine.

If you have habitually filled your diet with sugary, fatty, and high caloric beverages, you may need to add a little twist to your delicious Kangen Water®. Use these ideas to liven up your Kangen Water® with natural flavors:

  • Adding crushed herbs, such as mint or lemongrass, will add aroma and flavor.
  • Citrus and berries provide a fruity twist to Kangen Water®. Cut or squeeze oranges, limes, blueberries, or strawberries. Try mixing fruit flavors, such as lemon and lime.
  • Fill a pitcher with lemon slices, then add Kangen Water® for cool, refreshing water all day.
  • For a stronger flavor, add unsweetened fruit juices such as cranberry cocktail.
  • Freeze small fruits (clementine oranges, mango slices, berries, etc) and use then as delicious ice cubes in your Kangen Water®.
  • Add Fair Trade herbal tea bags to cold Kangen Water® and the flavors will infuse with the water. This makes great afternoon iced tea.

You can enjoy a healthy, delicious beverage without hurting the environment! Say NO to plastic bottles and wasteful packaging and get creative with Kangen Water®.

1Beverage Marketing Corporation, 2008