Flea and Tick Treatments

Flea and tick treatment is highly recommended to keep your pets free of the diseases carried by these harmful parasites. However, the dangerous toxins found in these treatments is alarming. Wouldn’t you love a better and healthier way to keep your pet safe? We’ve read the reports and seen the alarming statistics regarding pet deaths from flea and tick treatments. Yet, we would hate to see our dog or cat suffer as a result of flea and ticks, not to mention, the expense and hassle of an infestation of fleas in our homes.

Flea and tick spot-on treatments are responsible for injury due to skin irritation and burns and can cause seizures and a host of other ailments often resulting in death. Spot-on treatments are essentially pesticides placed directly on the skin of your pet. Not only are they dangerous to the pet, they are also hazardous to our health and the environment. The pills and chews are no better and come with their own list of side- effects. So how do we protect our pets? The overall health of our pets is where to start. Hydrating our pets with Kangen Water® keeps them healthy and grooming them with Kangen Water® pet shampoo keeps their skin conditioned and their coats shiny. Consistent grooming also helps to keep pests at bay. Next, you can use the Kangen Flea and Tick Spray to naturally prevent against fleas and ticks.

Kangen Flea and Tick Spray

  • 2 tsp essential oil (rose geranium or palmarosa)
  • 2 cups Beauty Water


Combine ingredients in spray bottle and shake to blend. Spray onto pet and areas where pet sleeps.