Green Cleaning

It’s become more than a passing trend, its become a serious way of life. We are naturally making conscious choices regarding our impact on the earth. Searching for products that are sustainably-sourced, ethically produced, recyclable and energy-efficient is second nature to a growing majority of the population.

Take an inventory of what is currently in your cabinets and under your sinks. As conscious as we are about using the cleanest and greenest products, chemically ambiguous products still manage to sneak their way into our lives.

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors where air pollution can be 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor air pollution. This is a direct result of various pollutants that occur from within the home itself. Pollutants like volatile organic compounds include, but are not limited to, cleaning supplies, insecticides and products we regularly use within our home.1

Indoor air pollution has become such a prevalent concern that we are now studying the effects on the population. The EPA has dedicated time and resources to ensuring that we have a greater understanding of the cause and effects of this important issue.2

But more importantly, WE are the deciding factor when it comes to what we bring into our homes. Making the decision to bring the Enagic® water- ionizing machine into your home is a step in the right direction. This machine will give you the ability to eliminate so many harmful products that are inadvertently pollution your air.

Now, let’s take a look at how we can use Kangen Water® everyday in every area of the home.

Trying to find products that are effective yet environmentally-friendly and healthy can often be a fruitless endeavor. This is what causes even the most earth-conscious individual to reach for the old, toxic standby. But, don’t worry! We’ve got some tips, tricks and recipes to help you easily go green.


The kitchen is widely considered to harbor the most germ-laden items in the entire home, the kitchen sponge. However, germs are lurking everywhere; the cutting boards, the kitchen sink, refrigerator shelves and counters are all breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Most sanitizing products are harsh, but using Kangen Strong Acidic Water® for sanitizing is a safe and effective way to clean and reduce germs on all surfaces naturally. Here are some more ways that Kangen Water® can work for you:

1. Sponge Maintenance

Wash your sponge once a week in the dishwasher with Homemade Dishwasher Detergent, then microwave it for two minutes while still damp. This can help reduce the spread of germs. Make sure to replace sponges every two to three weeks, depending upon usage.

2. Caring for Kitchen Linens

Although you can replace your sponges every few weeks, frequently replacing kitchen linens isn’t cost effective. However, a moist dish towel is just as bad as a sponge when it comes to spreading germs. Kitchen towels should only be used once and then washed before reusing. Soak particularly dirty linens in Kangen Strong Acidic Water® before washing using Kangen Laundry Detergent.

3. Daily Maintenance

Use All-Purpose Strong Kangen Water® Cleaner to clean counters and surfaces after every use. Don’t forget cabinet pulls and drawer handles, trash cans and appliance fronts to reduce germs. Strong Kangen Water® is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that fights grime, grease, stains, germs, and dirt all over your house. After cleaning, spray with Strong Acidic Water to cleanse and reduce germs.

4. Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before, during and after handling food. Keep a bottle of Enagic® Hand Cleanser close to your sink to keep your hands free from germs with Strong Acidic Water® as you prepare and cook your meals.


Surprisingly, the bathroom is not the most germ-infested room in the house! But it definitely harbors it’s own unique breeding ground for bacteria. The bathroom floor is considered the dirtiest area of the bathroom. The second dirtiest area is your toothbrush and toothbrush holder. The other pathogen-friendly spots that are often neglected are: bath mats, faucet handles, light switches, shower heads and doorknobs. Daily cleaning with Kangen Water® can help keep your bathroom safely and effectively clean! Try these tips to make your bathroom sparkle and shine:

1. Scrub the Tub

Scrub your bathtub and shower once a week with Strong Kangen Water® Cleaner to keep soap scum and stains at bay. Then spray with Strong Acidic Water to clean and stop germs from breeding. Don’t forget to periodically soak your shower head in Strong Acidic Water to prevent clogs and kill mold.

2. Clean Your Toothbrush

Besides replacing your toothbrush or brush head every 3 months, you should routinely clean it with Strong Acidic Water. Make sure to spray your toothbrush with Strong Acidic Water and then rinse with Kangen Water®.

3. Toilet Maintenance

Ditch the bleach with Kangen Water®! Use Kangen Strong Acidic Water® to kill germs in your toilet bowl. For stubborn toilet bowl stains, use full-strength Strong Kangen Water®.

4. Everything Else

Clean surfaces and floor with Strong Kangen Water® Cleaner, including doorknobs, cabinet hardware, sinks and faucets and floors. Always make sure to spray areas with Strong Acidic Water® to reduce germs after use.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is the worst. You think they’re clean and then the sun shines through and exposes every streak and smear. And if you’re a pet owner, it’s a constant battle to keep snout stamps off of your glass doors. Achieving sparkly, shiny glass without chemicals seems impossible. Well, not anymore! Adding Strong Kangen Water® to a few common household ingredients creates a natural window cleaner that works. For the Strong Kangen Water® Window Cleaner recipe, click here.

Everything Else

(car, garage, office space, etc)

Your Kangen® machine will produce as much water as you need to get the job done. Having bottles of Kangen Water® in all areas of your house will help you easily maintain a clean, green, home. Give chemicals the boot with your Kangen® machine while maintaining a healthy home.